RTO Assistance

With over 90 RTO’s developed under the banner of Details Management I have vast experience under many past regulations as well as the present on what is required to have your training organisation registered to become a Registered Training Organisation within your state.

I’ve worked with the Australian National Training Authority [ANTA] in 1999, then then Australian Quality Training Framework [AQTF] which was developed from the Australian Recognition Framework [ARF] by the National Training Quality Council [NTQC] in June 2001 through to the Australian Skills Quality Authority [ASQA]  development in July 2011.

I have been been a SA State Auditor with the AQTF for seven years as well as a Commonwealth Auditor with NCVER for two years so know exactly what is required at audit to demonstrate compliance.  I will coach you in what you need to prepare so you can demonstrate your knowledge to the auditors during audit.  You are paying for my knowledge not for me to do all the work for you!  After all, it’s your business and your RTO, not mine. triple_display_box_16397

I’ve been on Training Package Development Committees in the Business and Communications Sectors spoken at national workshops on compliance.  I have experience with local and international students, I can help you understand and develop policies, procedures, forms and workplace instructions that comply to not only ASQA  and CRICOS requirements but State and Commonwealth legislation as well to have your RTO up and running efficiently and effectively ensuring your students get the best possible training aligned to industry requirements helping them get a great start to be work ready.