Quality Audits

When you mention ‘Audits’ to some people a shiver goes down their spine.  Why? As a qualified non-financial Quality Auditor I’m not sure why. Auditing to me has always been an outside person looking at what your systems, policies and procedures your business has in place.  If I, as an outsider, can understand how your business runs, then your staff knows how your business runs.  I can measure what you have in place against any regulations you may have to abide by or licensing agreements you have in place.  I can also ask you why you are doing something or why you are not doing something.

Audit checklist on a desk, with tick against audit satisfactory

I am not your regulator so we can be open and honest with one another.  I’m your ‘Business Buddy’ remember!  I am here to help you achieve your objectives.  I talk to Management and Staff openly and gather their thoughts on your business.  Some of the best ideas come from the most unlikely places but some staff just don’t know how to approach Management to get the ideas up to them.

I audited for the South Australian State Training Authority as an External Auditor against the RTO Training Regulations for seven years and as a Commonwealth Auditor with the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) for two years so can help you with an NVR pre-audit or regular process analysis against one or all standards at any time that suits you.

I will give you a detailed report of what I see and suggestions of any improvements I might suggest.  I’ll also point out all your best practices of which I’m sure you are aware of and some you may not be aware of.

Talk to us about our 12 month program whereby monthly, we will audit a standard(s) or part thereof and give you reports on how your compliance is standing.  Just one day per month for a small annual fee will give you peace of mind and our reports are a great tool to give your regulator when they attend your Audits.