Organisational Development

What exactly is Organisational Development [OD]. To put it simply; it’s a plan that makes your business effective, efficient and increases profit.  It covers Team Building, Change Management, Performance Improvement, Systems Improvement and Structural Improvement within your business. It ensures everyone is working together to achieve the common goal and everyone knows where they sit within the organisation.  Everyone from top management down knows what is expected of them and knows how the tasks they perform add value to the company.  A successful company means jobs.  Sounds simplistic I know but if a company looks after it’s staff, staff will look after the company!

As a practitioner of OD I  promote open communication, od2employee involvement and personal growth and development within an organisation.  Working from the Strategic Plan I ensure the correct goals and realistic timelines have been set, that these have been communicated throughout the organisation and everyone has the skills to complete the tasks.

It’s a another step towards the common goal!