Human Assets

As a Certified Professional Member of the Australian Human Resources Institute (CAHRI) I am up to date with industrial matters and trends within this field of expertise.  I love working with people so Human Resources and Education fit very well with my persona.

The people that work with you are your most valued – and expensive – asset and need todm_rightpanelhrshadow-202x300 be recognised as your key to the success of your business.  From Customer Service to Logistics and Strategic Planning your staff  are individuals who contribute and also have goals and aspirations that need to be recognised and achieved.    Innovation is strong in successful businesses and employee relations between management and staff is seamless.  Hire correctly and there is no need to micromanage, in fact, managers only need to be contacted if there is a problem that can’t be solved or if something out of the ordinary comes along.

Please have a read of the “Guide for Preventing and Responding to Workplace Bullying” May 2016 brought out by Safe Work Australia