Details Management is a business I started in 1999 to help many different types of people. People who were short of time but had lots of enthusiasm for their business.  People who knew what they wanted to do but didn’t know where or how to start.  People who wanted a coach but didn’t know who to call.  People who wanted to make sure they were doing the right thing and wanted someone outside the business to check for them.  Someone who wanted help hiring (or letting go) staff when they didn’t have time, or didn’t want to.

That’s why Details Management has been operating as long as it has.  It’s become a Business Buddy.

….it helps in many ways

Organisational Development, Human Connection, Change Management, Internal non-financial Auditing, Coaching and Mentoring

Details Management core values are Integrity, Accountability,Commitment, Sustainability, Community, Service Excellence and Respect.

I am also a Mentor with the Institute of Managers and Leaders and the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women in the UK and a Chartered Manager with the  Chartered Management Institute UK.