Is your Work Life Balance correct?

A few of my friends and past work colleagues recently have retired or, unfortunately, been retrenched.  We’ve caught up for lunch and the first thing I notice is how well they are looking and them telling me how great they feel.  I asked them if they thought they were stressed at work and they all said ‘No’ but realised when they had left work that their work life balance had been all wrong.

We discussed how their past employer was still operating quite well without them and that their thoughts of ‘This company can’t exist without me’ was so wrong.  As an employer it is very important to me that people who work with me have a good work life balance.  In as much as I would be the first to admit that it’s my staff who make me the manager I am and my business what it is, I won’t allow them to make it their life.  If my staff are not happy or most importantly healthy then there is no benefit to either of us.  Work life balance is very important.

Ensure your staff and YOU are getting your work life balance correct, it will make all the difference to your business.

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