My name is Chris Casey and I’ve owned and operated Details Management since 1999.  I love what I do because I love helping people.  I worked mainly in the education and Human Resources sector but since obtaining a double degree in Management and my Masters in Business Administration I now work across small and large businesses as a Business Solution Designer as well as remaining in the education sector.

I started Details Management because I decided I no longer wanted to work full time.  I wanted a better work life balance and to spend time with my family who have now grown up and left home. I still study because I believe in keeping my mind active and keeping my skills and knowledge up to date.  I know the problem today is time.  Time to do what needs to be done but no time to set aside to do it.  That’s where I come in.  I’m your ‘Business Buddy’.  I’m the doppelgänger you!  I was the same when I worked full time.  The times I said ‘If only I had another me for a week I would be fine’ so, I started Details Management.

I’ve started and run many RTO’s from small to international ones, worked off unrealistic to unbelievable budgets and survived.  I’ve audited for the State and Commonwealth Government and loved helping everyone along the way.

I’ve helped businesses get organised and showed them that with a place for everything and everything in it’s place things not only run smoother but so much time is saved.  I can make it pretty or manly…the choice is yours.

Everyone needs an ear or a helping hand from time to time.  It is no sign of weakness or that you can’t cope.  It probably means your business is thriving and you need help.  Good on you!  So if you need a Business Buddy for a while.  Give me a call on 0416 012 458 or e-mail on chris@detailsmanagement.com.au.

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